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I'm Mercedes


I'm a former Professional Big- Wave Surfer and a Transformational Coach.

I help women love the shit out of themselves with all their imperfections so they can live their dreams!

I've helped hundreds of women across the world to find their inner confidence and go to the next level of abundance in their lives.

From making
tons of money doing what you love, to feeling calm and centered & enthused, to being unapologetically yourself, I have a roadmap to help you get where you want to!


Imagine waking up excited to start your day, guided by your purpose, and easily making decisions based on what truly matters to you.

There's a reason why you landed here...


You have a flame in your heart that only grows bigger.

You have BIG dreams of leading others into living better lives (but you may not know how to bring them to life...yet!).

You know you have so much to offer to the world and your highest potential has yet to be fully expressed.

I know you because I was also you!



I walked through the confusion and overwhelm for years until I started to take baby freaking steps toward a full, holistic approach to abundance and finding my joy in the simplest things in life.


After almost dying due to a TBI, I made a radical life change and CHOSE TO LIVE MY HAPPIEST LIFE.

I created a roadmap that took me from the depths of hell, all the way to living a life beyond my wildest dreams! From helping hundreds of women live their most abundant life, to leaping into the most financial abundance I ever experienced before, to buying our dream home with my partner, to having a child when I thought it was impossible, to the most important of all: feeling happy and peaceful within,

By following my signature 4 -Pillars to Abundance, everything started to happen.


This is a space for dreamers, visionaries, and soul-led women who are ready to tap into their fullest potential and live their most aligned, creative, enthusiastic & abundant life (yes, even with all of our imperfections!).

Are you ready to take the baby freaking steps that will lead you to live your best freaking life?

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Coaching with Mercedes has been an incredible experience. She guided me through the storm with grace and kindness.

I ended each session with a real sense of clarity and purpose. Her coaching enabled me to hold on to a beautiful vision of what my life will be like, in a time when I could have easily crumbled.

She helped me refocus and re-claim my power. The biggest thing she has given me is a reignited faith in myself and my dreams, and that is worth its weight in gold.

Linzi Wilson

In less than 5 months after my first email exchange with Mercedes, my life is almost unrecognizable in every major area I wanted to bring more abundance to: love, money, career, spirituality, and more.

I'm blown away by the amount of progress I have made with her; and these are areas that I have been working to improve for years.


I’m finally seeing the results I’ve been dreaming of. After the coaching sessions with Mercedes, I felt so clear and complete. They were so powerful that I can live the rest of my life using her core principles, and will have a happier, richer life.

Tessa Jamison

I’ve started coaching with Mercedes because I was feeling depressed, powerless and hopeless about my situation in my personal life.


Since we started our sessions together I realized that I was holding onto some limiting beliefs, and I have opened my eyes up to a lot of new possibilities that I didn't see as options before.


After the sessions with Mercedes, I always felt really good. I had a great time (even though I cried a bit). I had some good laughs too, and I now feel very content.


I really did have fun, which is something I needed. I now have a plan to work towards my personal growth. Every day I’ll think about “what do I really want?” and will follow and honor what I need in order to be happy.

Linda Payne

Are you ready to transform your life?

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