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I am passionate about helping women fall in love with their lives again.

I know how it feels when life becomes too heavy.

I know how it feels when your dreams seem impossible to attain.

Even worse, when your dreams faded away.

  I know that living in fear and anxiety is not the best use of

our precious time on earth.

It is my mission to help women like you live lighter, joyful, fulfilled lives.

Let me tell you why I know these things...

I used to "have it all". At least, all that I thought made my life fantastic. By applying the Keys To Abundance and manifestation tools that I've developed with the guidance of my spiritual mentors, I was able to manifest my craziest, deepest dreams.

Let's go a few years back in time...


I was "living the dream" as a professional Big-Wave Surfer in Hawaii, traveling the globe searching for waves,  sponsored by one of the best clothing companies in the world.


I was also an Abundance Coach, helping amazing women like you to manifest their deepest dreams. I was living on a beachfront house at one of the most incredible beaches in Hawaii, married to a great guy, and had a beautiful dog.

Until one day it all absolutely crumbled...

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I was surfing at a big-wave contest in an isolated outer reef on the cold and sharky coast of Oregon. A 30-foot wave caught me by surprise and broke right in front of me. The force of the wave pushed me deep down underwater while bringing my 20 lb surfboard right to my forehead, with all the force of the Pacific Ocean unloading itself on me. I've suffered a TBI that completely changed my life.


Once a force of nature, I became frail to the point I couldn't walk my dog for a full block without passing out. Talking became hard, as my brain was deeply damaged and every single life chore became almost impossible to do. A divorce quickly followed, the loss of my sponsorship, and the end of my surfing career. In order to stop damaging my brain, I was forced to stop surfing- cold turkey.


I moved to Austin, Texas to seek medical treatments, leaving my dog behind (with my ex-husband), absolutely heartbroken. My passion, the love of my life, surfing, was gone.


I became depressed, PTSD took over me, and I let go of my coaching career. How could I help other women when I could barely help myself?

A seven-year journey of healing took me to places I never thought I would go.

Talk about riding a giant wave into yourself! This wave I've ridden took me to know my pain fully, to the point that I almost gave up on living. It was not fun. It was dark and it was bad.


I was going through a full-life burnout

They say that when you hit the bottom, there is no other place to go than up. Either I gave up, or I committed to healing myself.

I chose life

In order to live, I needed to heal, at all levels. From physically improving my brain to dealing with the array of emotions that unfolded from the brain injury and the losses I've been through.

It was quite a journey! Not the journey I would have chosen to walk, but the one I needed to walk in order to learn how to truly transform my life.

In this journey, I've applied an array of spiritual and practical self-improvement tools that slowly started to change me.


I've learned to be gentle with myself and compassionate with what I could, and couldn't do. I've learned to embrace my emotions: the good, the bad, the ugly, and make them all OK.

Most importantly, I've learned to love myself fully, including loving myself with my pain and in my darkness

And then, it started to happen: When I stopped fighting to be a version of myself that I no longer was, my smile came back. I've even started to laugh.


I've started to feel at peace with myself. I've got to a point where I finally felt that I was happy with my absolutely imperfect life. That's when everything started to open up for me.


A life full of Abundance, beyond my wildest dreams, started to manifest in front of my eyes.


This time, there was no pushing, forcing, or demanding from the Universe. It all naturally unfolded. After being 6 years single, and focusing on healing myself, a wonderful man (Leo!) came into my life. A beautiful puppy (Jimbo!) filled my days with joy. A little baby joined our small family (Fede!). And life took me back to where I am happiest: the ocean. My health is back and I am able to surf daily these little, fun (and harmless) waves.

We moved to our dream home on the coast of Texas. We've built a business together, and we enjoy raising our son, as we enjoy our beach life.


My life is far from perfect, but I have peace and joy within. I still have my days, when I feel anxious or overwhelmed. I've learned that living the human experience comes with all these aspects and that's OK.


When that happens, I dive into my toolbox and I'm able to find my way back into the light in an easier and faster way than in the past.

I live in true Abundance today

How would YOU feel if you had your own back today?


Wouldn't it be amazing to know that you are fully present for yourself at all times?

How would treating yourself with gentleness and compassion change your day-to-day life?

Would you like to make more money, while enjoying life to the fullest?

As you care for yourself, you'll become wealthier: soulfully rich, emotionally fulfilled, and financially abundant like never before.

Would you like to experience what your life would look like if you'd feel aligned within?

How wonderful would it be if you could take inspired action to share your unique gifts with the world?

You can do this! If I could do it, so can you. It takes some deep diving within, and a whole lot of gentleness with yourself.

I can help you. I've designed a signature program to help women who are tired of feeling tired and depleted, to come back to themselves. This is a new approach to manifesting an abundant life that you won't find anywhere else.


I had lived it and experienced the incredible results that I now share with loving, purposeful women like you all over the world.

I help women who are tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled to fill up themselves to overflow.

As they care for themselves, they see their wildest dreams manifest effortlessly, their businesses start blooming, money comes in greater ways into their lives, and better yet: they are able to ENJOY these gifts.

If you are ready to leave behind what is holding you back from living life to the fullest, this is your time to dive in!

It is my honor to help you walk this journey of transformation so you can live your incredible, fulfilled, abundant life.


20201210_105409 (2).jpg

Are you ready to live an incredible, rich, abundant life?

Formal Lil' Bio

Mercedes Maidana is a Motivational Speaker, Huff Post Writer, Transformational Business Coach, former professional big-wave surfer, and Patagonia Surf Ambassador.


She is a three-time consecutive finalist at the XXL Billabong Big Wave Awards, nominated as one of the top three female big wave surfers in the world (2009/2010/2011).

Mercedes has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, ESPN, PBS, and BBC News among endless media publications.

Through her work as a coach, Mercedes guides women to feel fulfilled and happy with themselves,  manifest their dreams, and take action steps to live a joyful and abundant life.


Mercedes is based in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she lives with her partner Leo, their dog, Jimbo, and baby Fede.


Mercedes Waimea

Get ready for the most incredible ride of your life

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