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I am passionate about helping women fall in love with their lives again.

This is why I created Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids™ mastermind, my signature online group coaching program & sisterhood experience.

Here you will find practical tools to BEGIN AGAIN, live authentically & be true to yourself, so you can live a life that you love.

From inner work to heal the relationship with yourself to an abundance & success mindset, all the way to wellness and meditation, this is a sacred sisterhood of heart-centered women from all over the world for self-love, self-care, and true empowerment.

This is for mermaids, dreamers, healers, and coaches who are ready to live life to the fullest & become the best version of themselves.

Why Mermaids?

Mermaids dive deep and live in their feminine energy, yet they are extremely powerful. They know how to surf the waves that life brings.

We are not perfect, and neither is life but I promise you, you can live an exquisite, abundant life, even with life's & our imperfections!

Hola! I'm MERcedes MAIDana

I see you

The last years have been tough.

You went through The Dark Night Of The Soul a few years back, and because you are a Queen, you’ve made it to the other side. It was a tough road, but you found your way out.

 Maybe you went through a divorce or a breakup. You are not someone’s wife or partner don’t know who you are in your new role. It's time to find YOU again.

Maybe a health issue stripped you of the life you knew. It took years to get back to a place of health. 

You are now feeling stronger than before and you want to go back to the career that you left behind and return to the workforce.

But you are scared… What if the job is too demanding and you burn out and have to start healing all over again? You can’t afford that.

It's time to rediscover who YOU ARE today.


Maybe you tried to go for your dream business. You always wanted to help others with your talents and tried to be a coach, a healer, or a consultant, but you couldn’t find a way to make it work. 

You’ve done ALL the business courses, enrolled in marketing classes, and did ALL the mindset clearing you can think of. But you never got any traction.

So you went back to your old job, and let your dream of having a career you love fade away.


You keep secretly “working on your business” but you never show it to the world. Lots of planning and little execution keep you stuck in the wheel of procrastination.

It's time to LIVE YOUR DREAMS now.

No matter what your situation is, you are not where you want to be in life. You know there's more, but you can't access your fullest potential...yet.

Are you ready to BEGIN AGAIN?


I've been there

After a life-changing health issue followed quickly by a divorce, and the end of my surfing career, I was at rock bottom. I had to stop surfing, I moved from Hawaii to Austin to seek medical treatments, and I was depressed, and lost. I let go of my successful coaching career (as I wasn't in a good place,  I couldn't really help others). I was doing the most random jobs you can imagine (I can’t wait to share all the stories!). 

I found myself living at my mother’s apartment at the age of 38, broke, jobless, single, and in incredible physical pain.


Nothing was like the life I envisioned for myself.

In all those years, I’ve focused on healing all of myself: from healing my body to healing my emotions, connecting to my Soul to making enormous shifts in how I treated myself.

I  changed the way I talked to myself, and I started loving all of me: the super dark parts of me that were confused and depressed, as well as the bubbly, joyful parts of me, that made me ME!


As I filled myself up, I started to find happiness, and then… all my dreams came true! This time there was no push, no intentionally manifesting, none of that! By filling myself to overflow, I tapped into the Abundance that I always wanted to experience in my life.

Guess what happened? 

A wonderful man (Leo!) came into my life. A beautiful puppy (Jimbo!) filled my days with joy. A little baby joined our small family (Fede!). And life took me back to where I am happiest: the ocean. My health is back and I am able to surf daily these little, fun (and harmless) waves.

​We moved to our dream home on the coast of Texas. We've built a business together that became highly profitable in just one year.  We raise our son as we both work from home, and we enjoy our beach life to the fullest! 

I’ve created Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids ™, a 4-month high-level mastermind experience where I’ve put together all the tools and principles I’ve applied to my life to rebuild myself and live my dreams, so other women can live a life they love. 

Click on each photo to read the captions

Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids™mastermind is an immersive virtual group experience for women to

It’s a life makeover for like-minded, heart-centered women to support each other, rise together and hold each other’s hands as you heal, transform and grow together.

For 4 months you will meet with other women from all over the world and have the support, inspiration, and motivation to become the best version of yourself!

I will be there holding you, inspiring you, and sharing all the tools to help you make meaningful changes in your life.

I will coach you weekly in a group setting to help you get to the next level in your life. We will "gather around the fire" and have meaningful conversations, share with each other, and take care of our well-being at all levels! We will dance together, work out, cook healthy meals, meditate and mastermind together! It takes a village, and this is your village!

This is a one-of-a-kind mastermind experience that will transform your life from the inside out. From empowering yourself, to shifting to an abundant mindset, to taking care of your health, mind, and soul, this is a holistic approach to manifesting your dream life.

These are the results you’ll get by doing this program:

  • You will know what is working and not working in your life and will get crystal clear on what you want to create for your life.

  • You will recognize how your limiting beliefs while growing up are holding you back today from living the life you want. You will transform your old beliefs into new knowledge that will support you in making money doing what you love, living your dreams, and feeling happy, peaceful, and empowered within yourself.

  • You will discover how you talk to yourself and you will learn a new, healthy way of self-talk. This simple change will be the key to massive change. As you change your inner talk you’ll get the confidence to take the steps toward your dreams.

  • You will stop procrastinating toward taking action toward your dreams. You will actually take baby steps to start moving your life’s dreams forward and you will see tangible results from your actions. Don't worry, I'll be there cheering you on and helping you break through the fear that is stopping you from taking action.

  • You will feel more at peace than ever before. You will create a safe space within you that will be unshakable.

  • You will love yourself in a deeper way than ever, and you will feel lighter and happier, even when life throws its obstacles at us.

  • You will know exactly what actions to take to take care of yourself at all levels. From meditation to moving your body daily, to eating nutritious meals, to shifting into an abundance mindset to success, you will have it all to thrive!

  • You’ll create an incredible day-to-day life: how about a more vibrant social calendar, sacred time with yourself, or doing the hobbies that you used to love and left behind?

  • You will learn how to prioritize your time to do the things you love. You will feel energized, while also rested and you’ll be able to do more of what you love on a daily basis.

  • You will create your “Wealth Manifesto” so you can have it as a guide for the future. You will get clarity on what really matters to you and you will spend time doing that. You will feel restored, energized, and wealthier.

  • You will get your personalized Toolbox for an abundant life, so you can dig into it each time you need direction. You will become your own guide/coach

  • You will get unwavering inner confidence in yourself and your capabilities. You will discover how to live from your authentic self.

Laura Ferrao testimoial .png

How would you feel if you...

  • Had a beautiful relationship with yourself 

  • Redefined your relationship with work & money

  • Discovered your hidden talents and strengths

  • Stopped sabotaging your dreams every time you get traction!

  • Felt excited to wake up in the morning and make plans for the week ahead

  • Became your truest life partner, your biggest cheerleader

  • Fell in love with your life again!



 If you show up, open up, and participate with us you will feel lighter, happier, joyful, and more creative.
You will find peace, live from your authentic self, and feel confident to pursue your dreams.


In these 4-months you will experience the support of a loving sisterhood and you will develop your own roadmap to happiness, peace & success


This includes:

  • Free Access to my 8-week online group coaching course, Imperfect & Abundant, so you can get all the tools to make huge shifts in your life (valued at $997)

  • A 3-step Process to Access your Self-love and Acceptance

  • Your New Way of Self-Talk

  • Self-Worth Affirmations

  • Clarity on decluttering what’s robbing you of your energy

  • Building Your Exquisite Day-to-Day toolbox

  • Your unique Reparenting Your Inner Child practice

  • Your personalized Wealth Manifesto

  • A sisterhood of mermaids from all over the world to walk this journey together, and find the support, motivation, and

      inspiration to become the best version of yourself. You are no longer alone!

  • Access to live workouts, live meditations, healthy recipes, live dance parties, and weekly coaching with me.

  • Your personal cheerleader (me!) who will motivate you to eat healthier, move your body daily, recharge your batteries, and live an incredible lifestyle.

    This is a complete package for a full life-makeover!


What You'll Get:

Group Coaching

 Weekly group coaching calls on the first 3 weeks of each month.

The 4th (and sometimes 5th) weeks of the month are integration weeks, where we will take time to implement all the new tools that you'll be learning.


All coaching sessions will be recorded.

You'll be able to send me questions in advance via email so I can answer them if you are not around for the live calls.

8-Week Module Imperfect & Abundant online course

You will have free access to my 8-week online group coaching course, Imperfect & Abundant, so you can get all the tools to make huge shifts in your life (valued at $997).

This is a pre-recorded course that will be used as the root of our work together.

The main principles that we will be working on, are included and taught in detail in this course.

1-1 Coaching Session Discounts

As a part of Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids mastermind, you will have access to booking 1-1 coaching sessions with me at a discounted price of 50% off! If you feel that you need extra support and get clarity on the exact next steps you need to take, these sessions with me will support you. You can book up to 4 sessions at this price throughout the duration of the mastermind experience.

Wellness & Health

Once a week we will do live workouts together, to keep you motivated to move and connect with your body. From Yoga to strength, deep breathing, and cardio, we will make sure that we connect to our bodies and do it with the group's accountability. I will record the workout so you can access it and do it later if you missed it.

You will also learn healthy recipes to nurture your body. And we may, or may not (wink-wink) do impromptu super fun live dance parties!

Extra Live Coaching Sessions

Once a week I'll provide extra coaching, where I will answer your questions in a Quick-Fire live stream in our private Facebook group. From your business projects to your well-being and abundance mindset, no questions are off-limits so you can succeed!
 I'll help you with the mindset to take your dream projects to fruition (no more procrastinating and fear of visibility!) and to do the inner work to break through your limiting beliefs.

Live Meditations

We will meditate together live,  once a week. You will also have access to 7-recorded guided meditations (one for each day of the week), so you can awaken your spirituality and tap into the Source of infinite Abundance.


Meditation, as well as the Inner Child & Re-parenting work for self-healing, are the pillars of this program, to bring substantial change to your life.


Meetings With Your Sisterhood

You will get monthly "Sitting Around The Fire" mastermind sessions, where you will meet with other mermaids to share how you are feeling. In this sacred space, you will feel support from your sisterhood.

You are no longer alone in this journey called life!


It takes a village, and this is your mermaid village.

Hannah Chicana testimonial.png

Are you ready to BEGIN AGAIN?


Early bird bonus:

Pay in full now and you'll get a free 1:1 coaching session with me, valued at $250!



The price for this life-changing investment is $2500

Make the first of 5 consecutive monthly payments and save your spot!

Mastermind purchase is non-refundable

Not sure if this mastermind experience is the right fit for you?

Let's talk!

Book your complimentary 30-minute Clarity Call so we can see if this mastermind experience is the right fit for you at this time of your life

Legal Terms Refund Policy

Purchased sessions, services, masterminds, courses, and programs are non-refundable.


If you purchase the mastermind experience and you miss live classes, workouts, meditations, etc. your money won't be refunded. Everything will be recorded so you can access it during the duration of the program purchased. 

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