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I am passionate about helping women create their RICH lives

This is why I created the Rich Mermaids Mastermind. This is for women who left themselves behind after years taking care of their family and loved ones and are ready to put themselves first, make the money that they want and feel fantastic while doing it.

  • When was the last time you got your nails done?

  • When did you last color your hair and gotten a fresh hair cut?

  • When was the last time that you took time for yourself, to do something that was FUN for you (not for your kids or husband), Just for the sake of it?

  • When was the last time that you blasted some music on the kitchen and danced around the kitchen island while no one's watching?

  • When was the last time that you took a nice bubble bath and gave yourself a big, warm hug?

  • How about that passion project that you've been talking and dreaming about for more that 3 years and haven't done anything about it yet?

Are you ready to start living to your fullest potential, making great money doing what you love, while making an impact on people's lives?

If you feel stuck in life and lost your joy, you've landed in the right place.

 I've created the Rich Mermaids Mastermind that is designed to help you get unstuck, and start taking the steps towards your passion project, making the money that you want, being healthier & feeling sexy AF!


You will become a RICH Mermaid in no time and I promise you, if you do the work, you will fall in love with your life again.

Can I have a Hell Yeah, mermaid?

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Hola! I'm MERcedes MAIDana

To create your Rich life there are 3 things you need to master:
  • First following a daily Replenishment Recipe that will leave you revitalized, energized, feeling lighter (hello glow!) and getting your sexy back.

Most women struggle with finding the time to take care of themselves. They end up eating their kids scraps while standing in the kitchen island and they call that their dinner (or after dinner snack).

Exercising feels so daunting after so long of not doing it that you don’t even know where to start.

You wonder why you feel heavy and lethargic. You are "eating healthy" but in truth, you are snacking out of a bag of “healthy” tortilla chips all throughout the day to soothe your anxiety. You wonder why you don’t look and feel the way you want to. Maybe it’s hormones? Maybe not…

This is where the Baby Freaking Steps that we apply at the Rich mermaids Mastermind will get you moving towards a healthier you, without even noticing it. I will coach you and support you in making healthy lifestyle choices and you will have the accountability and support from the Mermaids to lean in day in and day out.


When you get to a healthier YOU, your brain will be more efficient, you will have more focus, energy and attention and you will be able to take action steps towards your business & passion projects. You'll do all that while looking HOT AF, because you are a Mermaid that loves and takes care of yourself!


  • Second is to let go of the female guilt. Women carry so much guilt around putting themselves first. In order to be there for your kids, partner, relatives & loved ones, you need to fill up your cup first! Just like in the airplane, when there’s loss of pressure you have to put your mask first before assisting others, we have the mask for you so you can finally breath again.

I'll coach you to leave the guilt behind and rewrite your brain to create new, healthier circuits that will allow you to put yourself first (from a non-selfish way!), so you can give from your overflow to your loved ones and feel energized and excited about your life again.

  • Third is feeling excited about stating each day and leaving the feeling of being stuck back in the past! You’ve been carrying your passion project deep in your heart for years (or ages), but you never find the time to get started. It’s a deeper issue than time imitation: it’s a mix of fear of starting a daunting project, feeling that you are not ready and don’t know enough, being afraid of what those around you will think of you as you do this work, mixed with deep unworthiness of allowing yourself to DREAM big and actually living those dreams.

You find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis assessing all your options and having FOMO of which one to chose first. At the Rich Mermaids Mastermind I will show you how to make a decision based on what truly brings you joy AKA: what’s most fun for you! You will take our Baby Freaking Steps and will have your passion project up and running in no time! The key is to take IMPERFECT action.

I'll coach you each step of the way so you can bring your project to life, and activate your bank account with fresh cash flow (can I have a Hell Yeah!?). The feeling of fulfillment as you take action is just priceless.

I've been there, feeling stuck, depressed and lost....

After a life-changing traumatic brain injury followed quickly by a divorce, and the end of my surfing career, I was at rock bottom. I had to stop surfing, I moved from Hawaii to Austin to seek medical treatments, and I was depressed, and lost. I let go of my successful coaching career (as I wasn't in a good place, and I couldn't really help others). I was doing the most random jobs you can imagine (I can’t wait to share all the stories!). 

I found myself living at my mother’s apartment at the age of 38, broke, jobless, single, and in incredible physical pain.


Nothing was like the life I envisioned for myself.

In all those years, I’ve focused on healing all of myself: from healing my body to healing my emotions to changing the way I talked to myself, to connecting to my Soul to make enormous shifts.


I started loving all of me: the super dark parts of me that were confused and depressed, as well as the bubbly, joyful parts of me, that made me ME!


As I filled myself up, I started to find happiness, and then… all my dreams came true! This time there was no push, no intentionally manifesting, none of that! By filling myself to overflow, I tapped into the Abundance that I always wanted to experience in my life.

Guess what happened? 

A wonderful man (Leo!) came into my life. A beautiful puppy (Jimbo!) filled my days with joy. A little baby joined our small family (Fede!). And life took me back to where I am happiest: the ocean. My health is back and I am able to surf daily these little, fun (and harmless) waves.

​We moved to our dream home on the coast of Texas. We've built a business together that made us $250K in in just one year and 300K on the second year! I returned to my coaching practice with a wisdom that I didn't have before my accident, and I now help women from all over the world expand into their most abundant lives. 

We raise our son as we both work from home, and we enjoy our beach life to the fullest!

The best part? We get on a plane on short notice when we see that the waves are good in Costa Rica and we surf our brains out and work remotely during our trips!

If I could do it, you can too!

I’ve created the Rich Mermaids Mastermind 4-month life-changing container where I’ve put together all the tools and principles I’ve applied to my life to rebuild myself and live my dreams, so you can live a life that you love. I've run an 8-week online program and a 16 week mastermind in the last 8 months and proved over and over again that these tools are life-changing!

My clients go from dreaming of one day starting a podcast (but being stuck in the fear of not being good enough!) to pressing PLAY and PUBLISH in no time!