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Dear Tessa,

This is an invitation to work with your for the next 3 months to help you get your dream of starting your coaching business up and running.


We are going to spend this time together releasing the fear that is stopping you from moving forward with your project, and we will discover safe and healthy ways to configure your business in a way that serves YOU.


The journey will be done by guiding your inner child into a space where she feels safe. This will be done by focusing ONLY in creating ways to run your business from a place of pure simplicity, fun and joy.


We will let go of old ways of thinking that the way to success is to grind, to work hard to the point of burning out. You will be able to release the feeling of “being a failure”, so you can actually share your wisdom and gifts with other women that need to hear from you.


We will create your personalized toolbox, in which you’ll have your tools handy so you can know which actions will support you in your day-o-day life, and which ones are best to let go of. 


I’ve developed this system for my Signature Program, that includes:


A Personalized Toolboox with your:


-Top Actions: These will allow you to build on your strengths, replenish yourself, and access your creativity on a day to day basis. This is where you will build your abundant life from.


-Middle Actions: These are the warning signs, that will let you know that you are about to “spiral into fear, burnout, or overhwlem”. By having them clearly defined, you will be able to manage these Middle Actions and redirect your thoughts into a new, healthy course of thinking and action taking.


-Bottom Actions: These will be the  behaviors and fears that no longer serve you, that you will gently love, accept and release as they show up on a day-to day- basis


-Burnout-Crisis Recovery Plan: This plan will make you go from feeling drained to re-plenished in a a matter of a few hours. This will be your secret weapon to quikcly re-group if you have worked too hard without noticing and need to get back to your center.


These tools and the inner child work, will be your personalized tools that you will take with yourself for life, so you can become your own coach and your own guide forever.


I will also guide you as needed in taking the practical steps to develop your project, that range from crafting your coaching offers, setting a price that you feel aligned with, creating a tight branding and doing a gentle marketing approach. The fous will be to do your business in pure simplicity so it can be done for the long run.


I will hold your hand as your face your fear of being visible, and you will hold you inner child’s hand as you take tiny, baby steps towards showing your work in a safe manner to the world.


I will send you simple and short exercises for you to journal, and get back to me with your discoveries. 


I’d love to help you go from feeling scared and overwhelmed, to starting your podcast and coaching business while  feeling confident, safe and light.


 3 Month 1-1 Coaching Container Includes:


-1 Call per month for 3 months. Each call is 60 minutes and will be done and recorded on Zoom. 


- Voice message support from Monday to Friday, where you can send me audios of up to 3 minutes per day asking me questions and sharing your insights. I will coach you via voice message during the weekdays (please allow up to 48 hrs for my response).


If you are ready to build your business from a new, gentle way, the price for this investment is:


One paymet of  $997

Or, 3 monthly payments of $367

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