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Coaching with Mercedes has been an incredible experience. She guided me through the storm with grace and kindness.

I ended each session with a real sense of clarity and purpose. Her coaching enabled me to hold on to a beautiful vision of what my life will be like, in a time when I could have easily crumbled.

She helped me refocus and re-claim my power. The biggest thing she has given me is a reignited faith in myself and my dreams, and that is worth its weight in gold."

Linzi Wilson, Australia

In less than 5 months after my first email exchange with Mercedes, my life is almost unrecognizable in every major area I wanted to bring more abundance to: love, money, career, spirituality, and more.

I'm blown away by the amount of progress I have made with her; and these are areas that I have been working to improve for years.

Mercedes’ work is incredibly thorough and I’m addicted to her coaching and the beautiful spirit she brings to her work! The most life­shifting part of my experience with Mercedes has been in her ability to show me where I get in my own way.


Mercedes is so in tune with recognizing the mental and emotional blocks that I create for myself, and that makes her a phenomenal coach.

The fact that she is so skilled at helping me with practical tips and best practices to stop getting in my own way, ensures that I will be a client of Mercedes for the long­haul so I can continue to make my dreams a reality.


From her coaching and guidance, I’ve been taking action on living the life of my dreams and experiencing miracles day after day on a massive scale.

Mercedes has a true gift for helping others live an abundant life. I’m finally seeing the results I’ve been dreaming of.


After the coaching sessions with Mercedes, I felt so clear and complete. They were so powerful that I can live the rest of my life using her core principles, and will have a happier, richer life."

Tessa Jamison, Washington DC, USA

I’ve started coaching with Mercedes because I was feeling depressed, powerless and hopeless about my situation in my personal life.


Since we started our sessions together I realized that I was holding onto some limiting beliefs, and I have opened my eyes up to a lot of new possibilities that I didn't see as options before.


After the sessions with Mercedes, I always felt really good. I had a great time (even though I cried a bit). I had some good laughs too, and I now feel very content.


I really did have fun, which is something I needed. I now have a plan to work towards my personal growth. Every day I’ll think about “what do I really want?” and will follow and honor what I need in order to be happy.

Mercedes really helped me with some great ideas and strategies. The sessions always exceeded my expectations.”

Linda Payne, Seattle., USA

I started working with Mercedes because I was feeling empty. I was not the person I used to be, and my finances were in the worst shape ever. All my life, I’ve been an entrepreneur, specializing in the arts.


I used to make good money in a nice, fun, and informal atmosphere. Then, without a specific reason, things began to change until one day I found myself bored, unhappy, and broke. I had no imagination,no energy, no ideas, and NO MONEY.

Working with Mercedes has helped me reverse the situation, and I was able to create a great, challenging project that earned me $50,000 in the first year. By the second year I was generating $200,000!

Everyday I wake up with joy and love – and I am excited to face the day’s challenges.


I personally recommend Mercedes and will always be thankful to her for helping me to find within myself the keys to change. Above all, I now have a DREAM and I’m able to live it."

Marcia Trevino,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Before working with Mercedes, I had no idea how to make my plans for my business come to life. It was like I was going in endless circles.I signed up for a Discovery Session as soon as I found her website.


What first drew me to her was that she was a multi­-passionate entrepreneur (just like me!) and I found it so awesome that she was a pro surfer! I knew this woman would understand what it’s like to have so many different passions while working on a business as well.


In our Discovery Session Mercedes spent 30 minutes on the phone with me talking about the things I want to learn and how she can help. She made me feel excited yet comfortable with her. She was so genuine and understanding.


It was her VIBRANT personality that had me hooked! I signed up for two sessions then and there!


My first session with Mercedes flew by in what felt like seconds, but, from that I had the recipe for starting my coaching practice as well as some incredible exercises and tools to use to help manifest more abundance within my business. I spent two weeks applying her methods and by our next session I had 5 clients!


The second session was even better, this time we went inwards. Mercedes taught me techniques that I now use every day to help deal with my deepest beliefs and thoughts (cause let’s be honest, those thoughts love to pop up at the most inconvenient times!).


Those techniques have already started transforming my life into an incredibly abundant experience.


Words can’t express how much she has helped me, I could write for days!


Life is now ‘HELL YEAH’ and not ‘Meh.. okay’ and that’s all thanks to Mercedes.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity for manifesting abundance when you have this incredible cheerleader on your team. You seriously will NOT regret it!"

Elisse Mc Dowell, New Zealand

I decided to book a session with Mercedes because she exudes abundance and fun. These are two qualities often lacking in business for many people.


I wanted to bask in the sunshine (even if only for one hour) with this stellar business woman.


I recently launched my small biz consulting practice and even though I have years of experience in business, it always requires a good amount of energy to birth a new business to life...


I was hoping Mercedes could share some manifestation secrets to get my biz kickin’ into high-­gear sooner than later.


Our session wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. Mercedes was very thorough and I could tell she had even taken the time to review my notes and my business before we met (very helpful so that we could dive into the process more quickly). She gave me awesome pointers for my site and tips to help me attract more people using the great reviews resources I hadn’t tapped into.


In a bigger picture Mercedes reminded me to bring joy to my business on a day to day basis. Building a business (while hard) doesn’t have to be joyless...she reminded me to connect with that joy.


After our session together I found myself connected to my “larger” creative source and I had some great ideas come to me surrounding an offering that previous to our session was just stagnating in my head.


I highly recommend a session with Mercedes (even if all you can make happen right now is one session)."

Anna Long, USA

Mercedes has incredible insight, an amazing ability to empathize, give clear guidance, practical steps, and advice to remove and release the blockages that I personally experienced, and to move my thoughts, life and experience to a whole new level of abundance.


Mercedes is a very intuitive coach, offers powerful advice that is also practical, and most importantly – it actually works.


A lot of people talk about these topics in a way that does not produce real results, but after working with Mercedes for a few short weeks the changes in my life were incredible.


I was able to release old patterns, attract incredible opportunities into my life, and learn to accept all parts of myself in the loving way that Mercedes coaches.


I would highly recommend Mercedes for anyone who is facing energy blocks to their abundance, is stuck in old belief patterns that are painful and frustrating,  and wants to shift gears into a higher consciousness and increased self-love.


Mercedes is an incredibly deep and powerful soul."

Nina Vucetic, NYC, USA

Do you know the feeling when it clicks? With Mercedes, it did right away.  It felt like I was talking to a very good friend who knows me well! She first listened and gave me some very helpful advice and tools to implement immediately in my life, which helped me in a big way.


Mercedes taught me to bring loving into all aspects of my life and miracles started to unfold before my eyes.


Relationships started to heal effortlessly, it’s been a blessing.


Mercedes is a very spiritual person with an amazingly kind heart.


I am so looking forward to working with her after my visit to Europe! All my love to you, Mercedes!"

Alla Petcheniouk, NYC, USA

Mercedes made me take a deep look at my relationship with money and abundance.


She helped me to point out the patterns that were stopping me from enjoying abundance in my life.


We can think and strategize from our minds as much as we want, but without a deeper level of connection into our souls, we won’t be able to bring real change into our lives. Mercedes humanity, emotion, and passion made all the difference in the world.


She went past the mental level into an inner place where my wisdom resides.


The tools that Mercedes shares are powerful and they bring results. It is up to us to apply them daily and to follow up with the home works that she provides, in order to shift our consciousness into a new belief system.


You have to do the work, and you have to make it work! But remember, it is fun work!"

Mig Gaspar, Hawaii, USA

Before I started working with Mercedes, I knew I had the foundation to create a business but didn't know how to get to the next level. I was frustrated and felt anxious about where my next client would come from.


By implementing the strategies and principles that Mercedes taught me, I instantly felt lighter and excited about what I could call into my life.


And oh man does it work! With two weeks of our first session, I was writing letters to the Universe in my journal and they were being delivered the very next day!


I think of Mercedes as being the matchmaker between me and the Universe! She’s taught me how to bring more joy into my life and business and how to get into the place where magic happens.


Mercedes is a true inspiration. She talks the talk AND walks the walk. If you want to feel magic, abundance, and joy every single day, then bring Mercedes into your life."

Vari Longmuir, Melboune, Australia

I consider myself lucky to have spent the past 15 years of my career working with and getting advice

from top global thinkers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, global leaders of NGOs, and some of the most credible voices of leadership in our world.


Though I appreciated all that I learned along the way from my mentors, their insights cannot compare to the wisdom and life experience manifested by a big-wave surfer like Mercedes.


To me, someone like Mercedes challenges you to think in a whole new realm of possibilities because she herself has done the unthinkable.


To be able to connect and be in her resonance is a powerful experience.


After just one call with Mercedes, I not only believed anything was possible, but I left with some clear tangible ideas that helped me develop insights and clarity for how to go about manifesting my dream for myself and for the greater good.


She even gave me little tips on how to improve my blog writings overnight, and how to strategically think about repositioning some of my talents and skills so that I could monetize them and support myself towards living my dream.


My next blog was consequently touted by my readers as “the best one I had written yet.”


Her open sharing and developing ways to help others on their path through her experience as a surfer, entrepreneur, global traveler, and coach was a real gift."

Farhana Huq, San Francisco, USA


The video session with Mercedes was such a deep, meaningful experience, I am so grateful to have had.


It was a synchronistic event, one of those moments where your whole life makes sense in one second when you say: This was meant to happen. I am so grateful for that!


Mercedes gave me so much love manifested in practical wisdom tips to apply in my daily life in order to manifest the abundant purposeful life that I meant to be living!


One of the most important things that I learned from her, is how to accept all aspects of my life, the good and the bad, light and darkness, which made me feel whole and complete. I


learned how to make my life a spiritual adventure in every single second, not only the best times.


For the first time in my life, I stopped judging myself, which is a new feeling in me and no one could ever make me feel like this before.”

Alejandra Collado, Santiago, Chile

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