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Hola! I'm MERcedes MAIDana

I am passionate about helping women fall in love with their lives.

This is why I created Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids™ Mastermind, my signature, holistic, and one-of-a-kind mastermind experience that will take you to the next level of abundance that you always wanted to manifest in your life. If you are like me, and so many mermaids, it may look like this:

Imagine waking up excited to start your day, knowing that you are living your purpose and walking your path in centeredness. Imagine feeling light in your body, rested yet energized.

You brew fresh coffee and squeeze orange juice from the oranges that hang from the tree outside of your cabin in Costa Rica.


A morning hike in nature (or if you are like me, surfing) awaits you. You have a blast, being present in all your senses, soaking it all in, yet knowing that this ain't going anywhere. This is your life now.

You nurture yourself with a delicious lunch and then open your laptop to get some work done. You help other women with your gifts and talents, such as energy healing, coaching, inspiring them with your art, or making them feel confident with your make-up skills. You share your value, and make great money doing what you love while witnessing other women break through their shells and tap into their abundance!


You know you are living your purpose and aligned to your highest potential, and you feel fulfilled like never before.

You are recording your podcast, teaching your online course, writing your novel and your IG is blowing up with a fun and engaged tribe that loves your work!

If you are also like me and so many mermaids, it may also look like this:

You wake up cozy in your sacred home. You have some tea and journal for a few minutes. You center yourself on meditation and go for a walk before work. You nourish your body and when you are done with your work or daily chores, you cozy up on the couch and read your new personal development book or novel! You sit down to sip your afternoon tea while watching your kid play with toys.


You realize that you don't need to leave your house to seek your happiness outside of you. You have it all, right here and right now. You feel peaceful, centered, creative, and joyful.

No matter what is your idea of a fulfilled abundant life, you are living it: because you are connected to yourself at all times. You crave simplicity and enjoy your day-to-day life.


Why Imperfect & Abundant?

You embrace your imperfections, and you know that you still have work to do on yourself but that doesn't stop you from taking baby freaking steps toward your dream life. You know you don't need to arrive anywhere to share your value and help others.

You honor yourself and are kind to yourself. You listen to your needs and activate your intuition at levels like never before. You love yourself with all of your fears, judgments & let go of the shame. You become your best friend, your true soul mate. You tap into the abundance that is waiting for you, and without trying or pushing, it all starts to happen...

Why Mermaids?

Mermaids dive deep and live in their feminine energy, yet they are extremely powerful. They know how to surf the waves that life brings. When they fall from the crest of the wave, they resurface replenished and stronger than ever.

If you are ready to resurface and RISE to the most abundant version of yourself and your life, come join us, mermaid!

We are not perfect, and neither is life but I promise you, you can live an exquisite, happy, joyful & abundant life, even with life & our imperfections!

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I see you

There's a reason why you landed here...


You have a flame in your heart that only grows bigger.

You have BIG dreams of leading others into living better lives (but you may not know how to bring them to life...yet!).

You know you have so much to offer to the world and your highest potential has yet to be fully expressed.

I know you because I was also you!

I walked through the confusion and overwhelm for years until I started to take baby freaking steps toward a full, holistic approach to abundance and finding my joy in the simplest things in life.


After almost dying due to a TBI, I made a radical life change and CHOSE TO LIVE MY HAPPIEST LIFE.

I created a roadmap that took me from the depths of hell, all the way to living a life beyond my wildest dreams!

By following my signature 4 -Pillars to Abundance, everything started to happen.


I've been there

After a life-changing traumatic brain injury followed quickly by a divorce, and the end of my surfing career, I was at rock bottom. I had to stop surfing, I moved from Hawaii to Austin to seek medical treatments, and I was depressed, and lost. I let go of my successful coaching career (as I wasn't in a good place, and I couldn't really help others). I was doing the most random jobs you can imagine (I can’t wait to share all the stories!). 

I found myself living at my mother’s apartment at the age of 38, broke, jobless, single, and in incredible physical pain.


Nothing was like the life I envisioned for myself.

In all those years, I’ve focused on healing all of myself: from healing my body to healing my emotions to changing the way I talked to myself, to connecting to my Soul to make enormous shifts.


I started loving all of me: the super dark parts of me that were confused and depressed, as well as the bubbly, joyful parts of me, that made me ME!


As I filled myself up, I started to find happiness, and then… all my dreams came true! This time there was no push, no intentionally manifesting, none of that! By filling myself to overflow, I tapped into the Abundance that I always wanted to experience in my life.

Guess what happened? 

A wonderful man (Leo!) came into my life. A beautiful puppy (Jimbo!) filled my days with joy. A little baby joined our small family (Fede!). And life took me back to where I am happiest: the ocean. My health is back and I am able to surf daily these little, fun (and harmless) waves.

​We moved to our dream home on the coast of Texas. We've built a business together that made us $250K in profit in just one year! I returned to my coaching practice with a wisdom that I didn't have before my accident, and I now help hundreds of women expand into their most abundant lives. 

We raise our son as we both work from home, and we enjoy our beach life to the fullest!

The best part? We get on a plane on short notice when we see that the waves are good in Costa Rica and we surf our brains out and work remotely during our trips!

If I could do it, you can too!

I’ve created Imperfect & Abundant Mermaids ™, a 4-month mastermind experience where I’ve put together all the tools and principles I’ve applied to my life to rebuild myself and live my dreams, so you can live a life that you love.


This is a sisterhood experience like no other. Women from all parts of the world come together to live healthier, more abundant lives at all levels and support each other.

We dance together, meditate together, brainstorm business ideas, and grow together. There is nothing like this mastermind in the world right now!

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