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This One Thing Will Create More Abundance in Your Life Immediately

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Most people think of the word abundance in terms of wealth. However, abundance is much broader than just the financial aspect, it is all that is from Spirit, such as joy, peace, love, enthusiasm, forgiveness, acceptance, happiness. Abundance manifests in our lives in the form of relationships, health, finances, career, personal and spiritual growth.

I believe that we create in our lives as they were a white canvas that we were to paint. With our thoughts, beliefs, actions and feelings we create our reality.

I've been applying the principles of manifesting abundance for the last 16 years of my life and I can say from experience that it does work, we are co-creators with Spirit. I now live a life beyond my wildest dreams: I do what I love for a living and I have a sense of inner peace and fulfillment I had never experienced before. Abundance manifests in my life daily and I would like to share with you how you can tune in Abundance as well.

There are a few keys that open the flow of abundance into our lives, but if I were to choose one and only one, the key that opens us to abundance immediately is Gratitude.

Gratitude keeps the flow of abundance coming to us

If we don't count our blessings, we will stop the flow of receiving wonderful gifts into our lives in any way, shape or form.

I will share with you two ways in which you can apply gratitude into your daily life in order to move into more abundance:

The first is to be grateful for what we want, even before we get it. An ancient teacher said, "Ask as if it has already been given."

So, how are we asking? Are we demanding or are we allowing? When we say, "Please give me that perfect job, pleeease," are we asking as if it has already been given?

Instead, we could say:

"Universe, Source, thank you so much for that amazing job that serves me, I am so grateful for your blessings."

This is an expansive, grateful way of asking. Just see how the energy moves in you and how you feel when you ask as if it has already been given. You start living the feeling and believing that this perfect job belongs to you. Guess what? The Universe will bring it to you because you now created the knowing of the perfect job being in your life right now.

The second way to bring about abundance through gratitude in a financial way, is through what I call "Bless the money."

Remember, money is not separated from Spirit, as everything is from Spirit anyway. Instead of fearing or judging money for itself, why don't we invite Spirit in, to participate in our finances and all other areas of our lives?

So how can we "Bless the Money"? Every time we spend money, or we receive money or cash or write a check, no matter if it's pennies or hundreds of dollars, we bless the money to expand it.

We do it with gratitude first. Specifically, when we spend in the grocery store or while we pump gas in our cars we can say: "Thank you so much for the abundance that you bring into my life, that I can have gas in my car to go where I want to go. Let your blessings of abundance expand through me today, that the next person that comes here, feels your abundance. Let this money multiply by hundreds for me and for everybody that comes here today."

This action of blessing the money will make you spend in joy and creativity instead of spending in an energy of lack and contraction.

To summarize:

  • Remember to be grateful for what you have now and for what you want to bring into your lives.

  • Bless the money when you spend the next time, and see how it feels inside and how it moves in you.

  • When you ask for Abundance, always ask as if it has already been given, and it will come to you by default if it was meant to be for your highest good.

What are you most grateful for in your life today?

After reading this article, is there a new way you might apply gratitude in your daily life?

If you want to learn even more about Abundance and gain clarity in your life, I can help you.


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